BME 908


Small Loader BME 908

Model 908 is the smallest loader in our whole series. The length, width and height of the whole vehicle are 2.9*0.95*1.6 (m), the lifting height is 2.2 meters, the unloading height is 1.7 meters, the load is 250 kg, four-wheel drive, and the weight of the whole vehicle is 760 kg. The small body can adapt to the narrow working environment. In addition, the 908 not only has a diesel model but also an electric model to meet your various work needs.

Transmission method

Discharge height

Bucket width


Drive axle



The tire

The handle


Weight of the whole machine

Mechanical operation



Three advances and one retreat

100 axle

Single-barrel 18 horsepower



Single lever operation

Oil Brake


Creativity And Togetherness

Provide You With A Reasonable Solution

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