Chinese Excavators for Sale


Chinese Excavators for Sale

Excavators are invaluable for many industries globally. Due to high demand and large construction markets in Asia, China has become a dominant manufacturer and exporter of excavators worldwide.

Chinese models from brands like SANY, Liugong, XCMG and Lonking deliver robust performance at lower price points compared to top-tier brands. While historically Chinese excavators had a reputation for lower quality, improvements in engineering and technology have enhanced durability, precision, and safety dramatically over the past decade.

If you’re in the market for an affordable excavator, buying Chinese machinery represents an option worth considering. This blog shares an overview of popular Chinese manufacturers available in export sales along with guidance on navigating imports. Hopefully the information aids international buyers searching for “Chinese excavators for sale” from overseas.

Chinese Brands in Global Exports

China produces the highest export tonnage of excavators globally. Several native manufacturers have honed design and production to deliver models meeting emission standards and features required across North and South America, Europe, Africa and Oceania countries accepting imports.

Here are Chinese brands with extensive overseas dealer networks:


Headquartered in Changsha, SANY has risen to become the sixth largest heavy equipment maker worldwide, manufacturing well over 100 different excavator models including compact, crawler, and rigid body variants. SANY excavators exported are on par quality-wise with some South Korean and Japanese brands.

Buy Machine

Founded in 1995, Buy Machine produces a wide range of construction equipment including excavators for mining, roads, ports and water conservancy. Buy Machine has over 300 dealers in 100 countries supported by an extensive.


Founded in 1992, Zoomlion came to focus exclusively on the research, development, and production of construction and industrial equipment including crawler and wheeled excavators. Available in over 40 countries currently, Zoomlion became publicly traded in 2008 under ERGWF as the first construction machinery company traded on exchanges.


Though not at the scale of other Chinese brands in exports yet, Lonking deserves mention as an up-and-comer abroad with significant domestic market share focusing mainly on wheel loaders and excavators. Their research facility in Shanghai has secured over 130 patents related to drivetrain, hydraulic, and electrical systems. Models range from 1.5 to 75 tons.

Now that we’ve surveyed some of the major Chinese manufacturers with international availability, what should potential import buyers consider when assessing “Chinese excavators for sale”?

Buying Considerations with Chinese Imports

Navigating the import process requires some due diligence evaluating excavator models along with the exporting dealership:

1. Utilization Requirements

  • What primary tasks will the excavator handle? Match specs to intended application.
  • What attachments and tools will be required? Ensure hydraulic compatibility.

2. Dealer Qualification

  • Research dealers online checking reviews and complaint filings.
  • Validate any quality certifications claimed aligned to your country’s standards.
  • Ask about length of dealership operation and excavator import volume history.

3. Model Evaluation

  • Review designs standards like ROPS certification for safety.
  • Consider ease of acquiring replacement parts long-term.
  • Inquire about warranties and coverage from both dealer and manufacturer.
  • If possible, inspect and test operate the exact excavator machine being purchased rather than just the model. Quality control can vary.

4. Total Landed Costs

  • Get binding agreements covering shipping, duties/taxes, and inland transport.
  • Calculate how currency conversions and wire fees impact pricing.
  • Weigh total expenditure against local used equipment alternatives.

While Chinese brands offer significant cost savings upfront, completing sufficient due diligence is vital to avoid issues down the road. Confirming parts inventories, service capabilities, and getting assurances directly from manufacturers protects against headaches. Test operation prior to container loading adds further validation when practical.

Top Chinese Excavator Models

With so many excavator models produced by Chinese companies, it helps to highlight options that offer optimal value specifically for North American projects based on cost, safety, and reliability feedback from past imports. Here are some top picks across three size classes:

Compact (6-10 Tons)

BME 10107KW/7.6KW/13.5HPSolid all-around unit for capability and price
Zoomlion ZE606100Twin cylinder pumps with anti-slip grip tread
Lonking CDM806S692Reliable starter model

Mid-Sized (20-30 Tons)

SANY SY215C22173Kubota engine, 3 yr. warranty
Lonking CDM202525140Counterweight & dozer blades
XCMG XE23025197Choice of crawlers or 4WD chassis

Full-Sized (40+ Tons)

Zoomlion ZE49049330Ideal for mining and demolition
SANY SY485H48345Isuzu engine, precise controls
XCMG XE380D38286Excellent breakout force

This overview highlights road-tested models worth considering that balance capability, safety qualifications, and attractive pricing following shipment. Expand selections by connecting directly with dealers of these Chinese brands specializing in exports. With some guidance navigating specs and import controls, Chinese excavators represent an appealing option for cost-conscious buyers with access to reliable parts and service domestically.


Do Chinese brands offer warranties with exports?

Many now provide at least 1-year comprehensive warranties covering parts and labor in addition to inventory guarantees for service items. Certain dealers even offer extended coverage options up to 3 years through additional agreements.

What are common shipping methods from China?

Sea freight in 40ft containers will handle most excavators and represents the most cost effective option taking approximately 4-6 weeks for delivery. Air freight cuts transit to just 5-7 days but has much higher costs even when disassembled.

What fuel types do Chinese excavators use?

Diesel is still the predominant fuel powering heavier models. Certain light equipment runs on gasoline while a few companies offer electric drive excavators as well aligning with emissions goals.

Should parts inventory be a big concern?

Absolutely. Ensure access domestically to common wear items like hoses, filters, belts that require periodic change outs. Ask dealers specifically where regional parts depots are located and what importer agreements dictate around inventory commits so uptime is not jeopardized if issues surface.

Are Chinese excavators durable and reliable?

Leading Chinese manufacturers like SANY and XCMG that have prioritized automation and quality assurance in production now deliver models on par with second tier Japanese brands. Material hardness, paint durability, wiring protection and welding have all improved considerably as global competition heated up.

Conclusion: Chinese Excavators for Sale

Chinese excavator brands undoubtedly disruption traditional concentrated markets allowing buyers access to dependable crawler, wheeled, and compact models at fraction-of-the-cost pricing. By following import guidance around dealer selection, model evaluation, landed quotations and parts access – contractors, construction firms, miners and even homeowners can secure reliable “Chinese excavators for sale” machinery meeting their budget and requirements.

This overview of key Chinese export brands, top model considerations, and buying advice assists prospective owners through initial steps assessing if Chinese imports align with project needs and operating conditions. While due diligence around reputation, parts access and warranties remains vital, significant advancements by Chinese companies in technology, materials science and quality control make exports worth consideration alongside traditional equipment sourcing.

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