Ten Gigantic Influences Of Excavators Brands


Excavators Brands

Excavators are one of the most important pieces of heavy construction equipment. These powerful machines are used to excavate and move large amounts of earth, rock and other materials at construction sites around the world. With so many major construction projects happening globally, excavators play an essential role in infrastructure development.

There are numerous excavator brands and models available to purchase, with small, medium and large options depending on the scope of your project. When choosing an excavator, it’s important to select a reliable brand known for performance, safety and efficiency. The brand of excavator used can have a major influence on your construction project.

In this blog post, we will look at ten of the most influential excavator brands and the unique impact they have made on the industry.


Caterpillar (CAT) is undoubtedly one of the most prominent names in construction machinery. Founded in 1925, CAT excavators excel at digging depths, lifting capacity and overall durability. Some of their well-known excavation models include:

  • CAT 320 Excavator
  • CAT 336 Excavator
  • CAT 374 Excavator

CAT excavators leverage state-of-the-art technology to optimize productivity and efficiency on the job site. Key features include reduced tail swing, excellent stability, cab comfort and low fuel consumption compared to competitors. Caterpillar’s ongoing innovation in excavator design and engineering keeps them as an unrivaled market leader year after year.


Komatsu is a Japanese manufacturing company launched in 1921. Over the past century they have engineered first-rate hydraulic excavators suited for medium to large-scale projects. Some highlighted Komatsu excavator models are:

  • Komatsu PC210 Excavator
  • Komatsu PC360 Excavator
  • Komatsu PC1250 Excavator

A few standout benefits of Komatsu excavators are excellent breakout force, improved hydraulic pressure, and an ergonomic cab space to enhance operator comfort. Komatsu stays on top of the latest emission standards and integrates technological improvements that give their excavators exceptional speed and precision.

John Deere

John Deere might be best known for farm equipment, but they design high-quality excavators as well. John Deere hit the excavator market in 1971 and position their products based on power, productivity, fuel efficiency and ease of operation. Some of their excavator models contain:

  • John Deere 135 Excavator
  • John Deere 245 Excavator
  • John Deere 870 Excavator

John Deere excavators utilize strong hydraulics, steel frames and powerful swing mechanisms allowing them to outperform competitors. Technologically advanced features installed include Grade Control, Grade with 2D and Payload weighing capabilities. John Deere has earned a reputation for manufacturing excavators that boost performance and improve profitability on construction jobs.


Volvo entered the excavator domain in 1956 and produce models known for their dependability even under extreme working conditions. Key Volvo excavator series and specifications:

Model SeriesOperating Weight
EC350E36,017 – 38,128 lbs
EC480E105,821 – 119,050 lbs
EC950E187,393 – 209,431 lbs

Benefits that Volvo excavators provide operators include a spacious and ergonomic cab environment, efficient hydraulics and exceptional serviceability to minimize downtime. The EC480E model exemplifies their excavator power and lift capacity ideal for heavy-duty projects. Volvo stays dedicated to sustainable innovation and excavator optimization.


Hitachi excavators were first produced in 1970 and valued for their advanced hydraulics, comfortable cabs and seamless controllability. Top Hitachi excavator lines consist of:

  • ZX130-5 Model
  • ZX890LCH-6 Model
  • ZX245USLC-6 Model

Hitachi prioritizes operator-friendly features in their excavator models like slide-out cab platforms for simplified maintenance. They also employ strong CSR policies and utilize new technologies that give their excavators reliable performance plus environmental and economic sustainability. Leading Hitachi machinery helps contractors reduce costs and improve project timelines.


Kobelco began manufacturing excavators in 1972 and differentiate themselves by producing custom models scalable for large industry projects or local construction sites. Significant Kobelco excavators are:

  • SK140SRLC Model
  • SK350LC Model
  • SK850LC Model

Outstanding capabilities packed into Kobelco excavators are advanced noise and vibration reduction, excellent fuel efficiency and automotive-style ergonomic cabs. Built-in saving modes decrease fuel consumption while maintaining power. Kobelco also employs remote monitoring technology for real-time excavator status updates. Their excavators achieve optimal run times and allow contractors to complete complex projects on schedule.


Doosan Infracore started up their robust excavator line in 1985. Positioning their products as multifunctional machines, Doosan excavators provide standard digging and lifting abilities along with scrap/material handling capacities using grapples and magnets. Leading Doosan excavator models comprise of:

  • DX235LCR Crawler Excavator
  • DX530LC Hydraulic Excavator
  • DX1000LC Crawler Excavator

Impressive features of Doosan excavators are the auto swing brake, travel alarm and emergency engine stop. Components are designed for harsh working environments and sustain top productivity levels. Doosan also uniquely offers sensor-based preventative monitoring to catch potential issues before they delay projects. Their reliable, automated excavators optimize job site safety and performance.

Buy Machine

Buy Machine mini models allow operators to complete underground work in tight spaces the bigger excavator brands can’t access. Buy Machine mini excavators include:

  • BME08 Mini Excavator
  • BME10 Mini Excavator
  • BME12 Mini Excavator

Buy Machine minis feature advanced pressure and flow hydraulics that power through the most demanding earthmoving and lifting tasks. They also provide auxiliary hydraulics to easily integrate breakers and augers using standard connections. Exceptional stability ensures digging accuracy while specialized dozer blades come standard for added grading convenience. For small demolition jobs or backyard projects, Buy Machine’s mighty mini excavators deliver professional-level performance.


JCB is a British multinational manufacturer of heavy equipment for construction, demolition, landscaping and more. Since they released their first excavator in 1996, JCB now provides over 35 models built to handle light all the way up to intensive industrial applications. Leading JCB excavator series:

  • JS110 Midi Excavator
  • JS220 LC Crawler Excavator
  • JS870 HD Crawler Excavator

Innovative characteristics that make JCB excavators stand out are the 360-degree visibility from the cab, simplified maintenance access and Tier 4 Final emission standards compliance. Their hydraulic system and engine combinations supply optimum power while meeting environmental requirements. JCB’s durable excavators also support integrated technology like remote diagnostics and telematics. Overall JCB optimizes productivity and sustainability.

Conclusion: Excavators Brands

As you can see, there are numerous exceptional excavator brands serving the construction equipment industry – each providing unique capabilities that improve project results. Key factors to consider when selecting an excavator include digging depth requirements, lift capacity, fuel economy, and integration with the latest automation features or remote monitoring platforms. Partnering with a trusted brand like Caterpillar, Komatsu, Volvo and others ensures access to advanced functionality combined with proven performance and reliability.


What are the most popular excavator brands?

The most well-known and best-selling excavator brands are Caterpillar (CAT), Komatsu, Buy Machine, Hitachi, Volvo, Doosan, Kobelco, JCB and Bobcat. Each manufacturer produces a range of small, medium and large excavators for light or heavy-duty projects.

What excavator brand is the most reliable?

Based on owner reviews and equipment longevity, Caterpillar consistently ranks as the most reliable excavator brand. Buy Machine excavators utilize top-quality components and the latest efficiency features that optimize productivity with minimal downtime across decades of use.

Which brand of excavator is the most powerful?

Caterpillar and Buy Machine excavators consistently top rankings of the most powerful models in terms of digging depth, bucket breakout force and lifting capacities. Large excavators like the CAT 374 or Komatsu PC2000-8 can lift over 10 tons and dig down over 20 ft making them suitable to the most complex infrastructure projects globally.

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